Surf courses in Portugal - far from the crowd

Surf courses in Portugal

Surf courses

Surfing courses for beginners and advanced surfers: our experience since 2007 and the location of the camp directly on the well-known surf spots of the Ofir Natural Park (Portugal) - with constant surf and empty line-ups - offer ideal conditions for learning to surf.

Our surf courses include professional surfing lessons from experienced, licensed surf coaches (valid Lifesaver certificates + surf instructor license from the International Surfing Federation - ISA or Portuguese Surfing Federation FPS) and of course the surfing equipment. From the first paddling, to the first take-off (attempt to get up) in white water, to the first green wave surfed, everything is possible.

Our surf course price list is per person including a surfboard and suit - but without accommodation in the camp.

The licensed surf coaches speak German and English.

1 day surf course


4 hours

2 day surf course


8 hours

3 day surf course


12 hours

4 day surf course


16 hours

5 day surf course


20 hours

Surf courses content

Treatment content beginners (level 1)

  • Surf course according to ISA standards.
  • Safety rules and introduction to your surf spot
  • Handling, gliding and maneuvering the surfboard
  • Paddling technique and paddling a wave
  • Takeoff in white water
  • Foot position and posture on the surfboard
  • Maneuvering the surfboard
  • Assess waves, find “green” waves
  • Takeoff and surf green waves
  • Theory basics of surfing
  • Video analysis
  • Swimming pool training in the surf lodge - paddling technique and turtle roll
  • Have fun and surf until the doctor comes!

We only use new, high-quality soft and fiberboards for the training courses. When choosing the right surfboard for you, your surf instructor will help you combine current conditions, your level and your physical requirements with the perfect board for you.

Surfboard rental

Do you already know how to surf and would you like to easily rent a board and neon surfboard while on holiday? No problem, just write us a message or call.


2 hours

1 day


Premium range




Regular range












Surf guiding

For surfers who just want to get out on the water with others without a course, ElementFish offers surfguiding packages! You live with us in the camp and we take you to the best surf spots every day. Top equipment, top spots, top people.


Official cooperation partners

Surf spot “Mole”

Sandy beach behind the pier protected from the north wind; Beach break with right hander for swell >2m. Best at low to medium water levels. (Beginners - Experts) 💦

Surf spot “Camp”

Sandy beach without stones and hardly any currents; Beach break right and left handed. Our main training spot (beginners/intermediate). Best when the water level is full and draining.

The lagoon

Our lagoon for SUPing and chilling, right in front of the garden gate of our surf lodge.

The ElementFish surf lodge

Right at the spots, everything within walking distance 🤙. Who will come with you to the wave check behind the dune?

Surf spot "Estuary"

Sandy beach at the river mouth, without stones. Currents depending on the tide. Runs best when water is flowing. Secret spot (still). Beach break with hollow left and right handed players. (Intermediate - Expert)