History Elementfish

In 2007 we (Mark, Polly, Friedemann) moved to Porto, Portugal. The idea was to find a place that was perfect for kiting and surfing. We wanted to open a camp here that combined both. And above all, don't just go surfing on vacation. Now we had the waves right on our doorstep.

In the fall of 2007, our team rider Kekoa was born. Mark initially worked as a kite instructor in Viana do Castelo and repaired kite and windsurfing equipment. Opposite Esposende is the lagoon of Ofir, which was already the kitesurfing spot in the north of Portugal.

In 2010 we founded ELEMENTFISH. Mark's brother Kai moved to Esposende with Vici and our second team rider Levi. We rented a small house there, the kites flew over the Cavado River, the waves broke on the sea side for surfing for beginners and advanced surfers. We put robalos (sea bass) on the grill, the house smelled of hot coffee. The first guests came and many of them still come back today. During these years we changed houses 3 times and finally moved into the element house directly on the beach in Ofir in 2014. An oasis for kitesurfing and surfing, wind and waves right in front of the house! Yoga courses were added, our team grew larger and we had varied seasons full of wind, waves, sun and happiness.

Kekoa is now 16 years old and is part of the German national surfing team. He has already taken part in the Junior World Championships twice and has become the reigning German junior champion twice. His cousin Levi, 11 years old, is already flying over the river with a kite, is competing in surfing and has already made a name for himself in the surfing scene in Portugal. Mark became grandmaster at the German surfing championship last year.

It's all about wind and waves, the happiness of living by the sea and making your vacation at Elementfish an unforgettable experience! We are here for you. Vamos! Let's go!